Cristián Izquierdo,
Luis Izquierdo
Alexandre Akbaraly

Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Guillermo Ortiz

Bicentenario Building.This project proposes an exterior public space surrounded by discrete regular borders and an interior office space enclosed by multiple singular borders. Three planted courtyards are placed between the interior spaces. A continuous structure surrounds the external perimeter, enclosing both the interior and exterior into a single volume.

The project is composed of four types of floor plans —multiplying the areas with light and views to the exterior, thus qualifying the offices as singular places— overlapped along a regular silhouette. The core of the plan is occupied by a six-story atrium planted with trees. Above this level, two symmetrical patios extend the borders of the North and South areas. The vertical circulations are grouped within a central glass tower separated from the office spaces, thus keeping clear the views over the trees.

The border of the building is a self-sufficient concrete structure that supports all the seismic loads. This structural enclosure links the different parts of the building within a continuous modulation (95 cm.), while expressing its resistant form as a face of the city.