Cristián Izquierdo, Luis Izquierdo, Antonia Lehmann

Templo Votivo Maipú, Santiago de Chile

Guillermo Ortiz

House for the Pilgrims. This project reconverts a group of old buildings that hosted the town’s jail into a Public Library. It tries to open three concentric and closed typologies while enhancing their autonomous patrimonial character.

A large transparent roof encloses all the buildings below under a common temperate space. The new rooms contain the book depository and conform discrete patios facing the existing buildings. These patios are connected through a continuous floor along refurbished hallways that host and showcase the book collection. The roofs of the existing buildings are converted into new public soils, directly related to the first floor by a hanged stair.

The new constructions conform an autonomous structure cantilevered over the patrimonial buildings without touching them. Its modulation follows the rooms of the jail. In spite of the evident material differences, the sequences of openings, transparencies and paths are inscribed in a continuous set of measures.