Cristián Izquierdo Lehmann

Los Vilos, Región Coquimbo, Chile

Building Area
Basic Unit: Interior = 64 m2. Exterior roofed surface (half) = 15,5 m2. Upper roof terrace surface: 95 m2.
Total = 174,5 m2.
Enlarged Basic Unit: Interior = 128 m2. Exterior Roofed Surface (half) = 14,5 m2. Upper roof terrace surface: 95 m2. Total = 237,5 m2

Angela Koch

Ocho Quebradas House. The project is located in a wild, sunny and windy place, facing the Pacific Ocean far away. The house is conceived as a shelter around a tempered center, which opens to the landscape following its internal order.

All the interior furniture —tables, chairs, sofas and beds— is located within a central main room. Its four borders have the same size and similar form. One of their halves is a sliding window and the other is a relatively closed partition housing the storage, kitchen and bath devices.

On the outside, each side of this room has two perpendicular walls, one at the corner and one at the center. The walls of the corners host the sliding windows within them, thus when they open the common area becomes a huge ventilated terrace. The walls of the middle hosts sliding panels within them, thus when they close the common area turns into four separate rooms. The spaces between these walls are enclosed defining four patios accessible only from their immediate interiors —storage, kitchen and bathrooms—, thereby extending their reduced surfaces into private exteriors. The only concrete element is a central column at the center that houses a chimney and receives the sliding panels when they close.

In return to all these protected situations, the roof is a huge circular terrace endowing the house its maximum open area with the minimum perimeter below.