Cristián Izquierdo,
Luis Izquierdo
Alexandre Akbaraly

La Dehesa, Santiago de Chile

Guillermo Ortiz

Santa Sofía Housing Complex. This housing ensemble is located in a 70,000 square-meter plot along the slope of a suburban hill facing the Andes. The project tries to maximize the amount of interior surface open to the front, while preserving the whole area as a planted garden. A series of inhabitable platforms of even 500 meters width articulate the project within a geographic scale —blurring the built figure onto the natural background.

The roofs of the platforms are the gardens of the ones above. There is a street each three housing platforms. These are conceived as just another planted floor, with direct access to a one-story apartment above and a two-story apartment below. The project does not consider continuous vertical circulation cores. Instead, the streets are conceived as horizontal circulations following the land level without excavating the hill.

Since the common spaces are concentrated in the access roads of the apartments, each unit has its parking immediately outside its entrance. The housing unit is thus conceived as a hybrid between apartment and house —with the community features associated to the first and the garden size associated to the second— melted into the ground. The only visible vertical lines from below are the trees, like a huge crop field facing the city.