Cristián Izquierdo,
Alberto Brown
Angela Koch,
Hugo Sobrosa

Parque Araucano, Santiago de Chile


Angela Koch

YAP Pavilion Santiago.This pavilion is conceived as a promenade that shows synoptically a larger realm, different from its surroundings. The interior refers to two ambiences easily recognizable within the local memory: a wet place with close borders, no views and plenty of shadows —like a forest— and a dry open place, sunny, void and borderless —like a desert—. The project intends to use these culturally articulated commonplaces as a point of departure for a singular experience.

A series of concentric columns —that increase their distance while they get closer to the border— conform an elliptic center surrounded by water, vapor and vegetation. Two curved ramps placed symmetrically at both of its sides lead to the roof. Above, an empty lookout paved with salt, with no visible vertical borders, makes the distant landscape visible again.

The path down leads to the inverse place of the path up. While strolling down, it is possible to notice that the columns of the wood support the desert above, and that out there the environment will be more temperate, as it is Santiago.