Cristián Izquierdo L.
Francisco Adriasola C.
Diego Grass P., diseño gráfico Jerónimo Pérez

Región del Maule, Chile

Photography & video
Felipe Fontecilla

Yerbas Buenas Museum.This project renovates an old building in a small town famous for hosting a key battle of the Chilean independency. Its collection consists of, primarily, the building itself, and of objects randomly contributed by their neighbors. Its main challenge is to relate the content and the container with their references to its own histories.

The collection is arranged at the centre of the room, in podiums behind two glass ovals —an autonomous shape different to that of the site and of the order it houses—. These enormous lanterns contain things that people decided to disengage of their daily use, turning them into testimonies of their world. As such, these objects do not refer to their functioning capabilities but to the stories associated to their handling. Their only use is to express their cultural attributes.